Sunday, January 5, 2014

Box SWMM 5 Related Files

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Sam said...

Very impressive digital archive of SWMM relics, some dating back to 1970s. My favorite one is Combine file with an end date of 12-30-1899. Most of the 277 files in the box are small single-event models. There are about 10 continuous models which are very small 10-node systems for 30-60 day simulations; none for full year.

Continuous Model Examples

1. EXAM1_45_days_SW5.INP, 45 days, 9 junctions
2.EXAM1_long_simulation_no_surcharging_with_No_offsets_SW5.INP, 41 days, 9 junctions
3. exam1_dwf.INP, 22 days, 9 junctions
4.really_long_extran_master_swmm34_example_SW5.inp, 50 days, 55 junctions

For testing large simulation models, please add a 1000+ subcatchment/node file with at least a 12-month simulation period and a run time of at least few hours.

Sam Shamsi


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