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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Suggestions to Run Steady State InfoSewer in ICM InfoWorks

 To effectively manage your ICM model simulations, you have a couple of options to consider:

  1. Utilizing the Ending State of a Previous Simulation:

    • Run the ICM Model: Start by running your ICM model as usual.
    • Save the Ending State: Once the simulation is complete, save the final state of the model. This captures all the relevant data and conditions at the end of the simulation.
    • Use the Saved State for the Next Simulation: When you're ready to run a new simulation, use this saved state as your starting point. This approach allows you to continue from where the last simulation left off, providing continuity in your model's progression.
    • Turn Off Initialization: Before running the new simulation, ensure that the initialization step is turned off. This prevents the model from resetting to its default starting conditions.
    • Run for a Short Duration: Execute the new simulation for a brief period, such as one minute. This can be particularly useful for observing short-term dynamics or changes that occur immediately after the previous simulation’s end.
  2. Starting Fresh with Initialization:

    • Initial Setup: Alternatively, you can choose to start a new simulation without using a saved state. This means the model will begin with its default or specified initial conditions.
    • Run for a Brief Period: Like the first option, run this simulation for a short duration, such as one minute. This approach is beneficial for analyzing the initial behavior of the network under specific conditions, without the influence of prior states.
Both methods offer unique insights and can be chosen based on the specific requirements of your study. The first option provides a seamless continuation from a previous state, ideal for studying ongoing processes or cumulative effects. The second option allows for a fresh start, useful for comparative studies or examining initial system responses.

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