Friday, November 18, 2022

How to Make InfoDrainage show you the INP file and SWMM5 modified report file

 How to Make InfoDrainage show you the INP file and SWMM5 modified report file

change the parameters in bold in the file C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Innovyze\InfoDrainage\InfoDrainage.xml to have SWMM5 Output and INP file in the output directory

<Common Key="WorkingDirectory.IDDX" Value="C:\Users\dickinre\Documents" />
<Common Key="WorkingDirectory.XML" Value="C:\Program Files\Innovyze\InfoDrainage 2020.2" />
<InfoDrainage Key="AnalyticsUser" Value="76e25b67-91e2-4012-8169-0d4bdfdf7a77" />
<InfoDrainage Key="AreaSummary.Window.Height" Value="492" />
<InfoDrainage Key="AreaSummary.Window.Left" Value="585" />
<InfoDrainage Key="AreaSummary.Window.Top" Value="274" />
<InfoDrainage Key="AreaSummary.Window.Width" Value="750" />
<InfoDrainage Key="AreaSummary.Window.WindowState" Value="0" />
<InfoDrainage Key="BuildTwoClicks" Value="False" />
<InfoDrainage Key="CINPF" Value="True" />
<InfoDrainage Key="Connections.Window.Height" Value="432" />
<InfoDrainage Key="Connections.Window.Left" Value="78" />
<InfoDrainage Key="Connections.Window.Top" Value="159" />
<InfoDrainage Key="Connections.Window.Width" Value="1342" />
<InfoDrainage Key="Connections.Window.WindowState" Value="0" />
<InfoDrainage Key="CopyRPTFiles" Value="True" />
<InfoDrainage Key="HintSplitter" Value="0.5" />
<InfoDrainage Key="Inflows_Summary.Col.0" Value="

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