Sunday, December 23, 2018

Bob Dickinson at the CDM CSD Consulting Division in 2003

Bob Dickinson, Tampa, FL
Water Resources
P: 813-281-2900
F: 813-288-8987
H: 813-920-0681

Key Areas of Practice
Stormwater and Sanitary Sewer Modeling, Numerical Methods, Interface Design, Water Resources Planning, Water Quality Modeling, Model Interaction, Modeling Support and Training, Transportation Engineering, and 3D Visualization

Areas of Specialization Within Practice
  • Stormwater Management Model (SWMM4/5) development
  • Training and support
  • Culvert design
  • Pond and drainage design
  • 3D visualization using smart objects
Marketing Success
Skilled at adding unique, customized features to the SWMM that corresponds to each client's/potential client's needs. For Miami/Dade, added population/pump curves to the model, allowing the client to match SCADA data with pump data. For Winnipeg, added flow regulators, which made it possible to model the system.

Client Service & Project Delivery
For the ALCOSAN modeling project, was able to add specialized snowmelt, rainfall, temperature, runoff, statistical, diurnal flow patterns and hydraulic features that let us successfully model the Pittsburgh separate and combined sewer systems. 

In a Water Quality Study of Nine Mile Run in Pittsburgh, developed an EMC input for SWMM and an ACCESS interface between SWMM and ArcView to predict watershed and CSO loadings for 50 years. Helps clients to understand the computer models they pay for through training and white papers. Offers translation services for clients with older Stormwater models. New features or connections to the Stormwater models can be supplied by programming in Fortran, VB or C++. Programs customized interfaces or applications for clients using Fortran, VB or C++ for water quality, drainage, road design, 3D visualization, statistical analysis and stormwater and sanitary hydraulic analysis. 
M.E. - Environmental Engineering Sciences, University of Florida, 1985
B.E. - Environmental Engineering Services, University of Florida, 1979

A developer of SWMM Versions 3 and 4 at UF, XP-SWMM at XP Software, Visual Hydro and Visual Culvert at CAiCE Software.

Since joining CDM in late 2000, helped CDM move ahead with the SWMM 5 upgrade initiative.

Helped the firm bridge the gap between SWMM vendors and the public domain engine of SWMM by enabling CDM to become a link between the various SWMM vendors.

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