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How to save SWMM5 output to InfoSWMM, InfoSWMM SA and XP-SWMM Calibration Files

How to save SWMM5 output to InfoSWMM, InfoSWMM SA and XP-SWMM Calibration Files

In a world that increasingly asks us to move faster, and do more to be effective we need better ways to do our analysis.  One of the hardest tasks we have is to quantify the difference between our simuluation engines.  All of our Sewer and Storm software are hyper complex with interconnected options for all elements in the network.  One way to help with these comparisons are graphs using the calibration files of SWMM5, InfoSWMM, InfoSWMM SA and XP-SWMM.  The remainder of this blog describes the steps in using a QA/QC version of SWMM 5.1.012 to make these calibration files.

Step 1.   Create the Calibration Files in SWMM5
Step 2.  Export to SWMM 5 from InfoSWMM
You can export to SWMM5 using the Exchange/Export in InfoSWMM or the Data/Export EPA SWMM5 in InfoSWMM SA

Step 3.   Export to SWMM4 from XP-SWMM

Step 4.  What are the name of the Calibration Files?
There are nine calibration files made for InfoSWMM: StorageVolume, Runoff, Groundwater Flow, Groundwater Elevation, Node Depth, Node Lateral Flow, Link Flow, Link Velocity and Link Depth.  There are three calibration files made for XPSWMM: Node Head, Runoff at a Node, Link Flow.  The suffix of the individual names is added to the user defined Outlows name.  

Step 5.  Format of the files in XP-SWMM
ID  Number 140  Date/Time Value
pipe1    140.00199501010000     0.000
pipe1    140.00199501010001     0.000 

Step 6.  Use the files in XP-SWMM at a Runoff Node, HDR Node or Link

Step 7.  Format of the files in InfoSWMM
One line with ID followed by Date, Time and Value
01/01/2008 00:01:00     0.000 D
01/01/2008 00:02:00     0.000 D
01/01/2008 00:03:00     0.000 D
01/01/2008 00:04:00     0.000 D
01/01/2008 00:05:00     0.000 D
01/01/2008 00:06:00     0.000 D

Step 8.  Use the files in InfoSWMM

InfoSWMM Calibration Files

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