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EPA SWMM 5.1 RELEASE NOTES (in a different Format)



This file contains information concerning Version 5.1 of the EPA Storm Water Management Model (SWMM). A complete Users Manual as well as full source code and other updates/Technical Manuals are available at

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World Class Software Documentation for SWMM5 from Lew Rossman and Wayne Huber (Hydrology)

I have noticed based on email questions and postings to the SWMM LIst Sever (a great resource hosted by CHI, Inc.) that many SWMM 5 users do not know about the really outstanding documentation on SWMM 5 posted on the EPA Website It consists of two now and in the near future three volumes on Hydrology, Water Quality, LID’s and SuDs and Hydraulics. The documentation is fantastically complete with detailed background on the theory, process parameters and completely worked out examples for all of the processes in SWMM5. It is truly an outstanding aid to modelers and modellers worldwide. It would benefit you to read them (if you have not already downloaded the PDF files). 


To install EPA SWMM 5.1 run the setup program epaswmm5_setup.exe. It will place the following files into the application folder you designate:
  epaswmm5.exe   -- the Windows user interface for SWMM
  epaswmm5.chm  -- the SWMM 5 help file
  swmm5.dll          -- the SWMM 5 computational engine
  swmm5.exe        -- the command line version of SWMM 5
  tutorial.chm        -- an online tutorial for SWMM 5
  notes.txt             -- this file (the source of this blog)

The setup program will also create a Start Menu group named EPA SWMM 5.1 and will register SWMM 5 with Windows. This will allow you to use the Add or Remove Programs option of the Windows Control Panel to un-install EPA SWMM 5.1.



Several example data sets have been included with this package. They are placed in a sub-folder named EPA SWMM Projects\Examples in your My Documents folder. Each example consists of a .INP file that holds the model data and a .TXT file with suggestions on running it.

* EXAMPLE1.INP models runoff quantity and quality from a small watershed and its routing through  a network of storm sewers. It can be run in either single event mode or in continuous mode using the companion rainfall file.

* EXAMPLE2.INP is Example 1 of the 1988 EXTRAN Users Manual. It illustrates how SWMM 5 can graphically compare its results to observed data stored in a text file.

* EXAMPLE3.INP illustrates the use of the rule-  based controls feature in SWMM 5 for simulating real-time control.

* EXAMPLE4.INP shows how the LID controls feature  in SWMM 5 was used to reduce runoff produced from   a 29 acre mixed development site.



EPA SWMM 5 is public domain software that may be freely copied and distributed.



The software product is provided on an "as-is" basis. US EPA makes no representations or warranties of any kind and expressly disclaim all other warranties express or implied, including, without limitation, warranties
of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Although care has been used in preparing the software product, US EPA disclaim all liability for its accuracy or completeness, and the user shall be solely responsible for the selection, use,efficiency and suitability of the software product. Any person who uses this product does so at his sole risk and without liability to US EPA.
US EPA shall have no liability to users for the infringement of proprietary rights by the software product or any portion thereof.

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