Friday, June 2, 2017

How Do the TimeOpen and TimeClose Controls Work in #SWMM 5.1.012

This is part of the #Inside_#SWMM5 series of blogs and is intended as a visual aid and code developer for the Storm Water Management Model Reference Manuals on  I always think images (and some words) are best at explaining the internal working of code.  I do encourage you to read the wonderfully written Storm Water Management Model Reference Manuals.

The controls we are examining are the TIMEOPEN and TIMECLOSED commands in #SWMM5.  These commands are defined in the SWMM5 help file as
TIMEOPEN is the duration a link has been in an OPEN or ON state or have its SETTING be greater than zero; TIMECLOSED is the duration it has remained in a CLOSED or OFF state or have its SETTING be zero.
Here is an example rule,

THEN PUMP PUMP1@82309e-15009e SETTING = 1.0

IF PUMP PUMP1@82309e-15009e TIMEOPEN >= 2
THEN PUMP PUMP1@82309e-15009e SETTING = 0.0

Here are the control actions taken during the simulation

Here is how the Timer for TIMEOPEN and TIMECLOSES are reset based on the Setting, Target Setting and Rules.  Notice the time is reset every 2 hours.

Here is how the Setting and Flow are used during the Simulation – every 2 hours TimeOpen is reset.

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