Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hydraulic Jump and Froude # in #SWMM5

In this blog we example the Froude Number values computed in SWMM5 as equations, table, graphs and units. We use a QA/QC version of SWMM 5 that lists many more link, node, system and Subcatchment variables than the default SWMM 5 GUI and engine. This blog also applies to #InfoSWMM and any software the uses the #SWMM5 engine.  SWMM 5 computes only one flow in the middle of the link but it uses depth, head, cross sectional area and hydraulic radius at the upstream, midpoint and downstream points of the link (Figure 1).  The Froude # is computed at all three points and if you could see the Froude # you will see a jump at times in a single link (Figure 2).

Figure 1.  Computational points in #SWMM5
Figure 2.  Three locations of the Froude Number - it is possible to see where the Hydraulic Jump occurs in the link.


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Wendy said...

I enjoyyed reading this

RTK SWMM5 Import to ICM using ODIC

  Object Fields Import Fields Default Values RTK hydrograph ID ID Response ratio R - short term RFVOL_EFF 0.050 Time to peak T - short term ...