Tuesday, August 30, 2016

InfoWater and InfoSewer ArcGIS-Centric Modeling Solutions to Help Hanford in Making Critical Decisions on Growth Planning and for Updating its General Plan

Innovyze Press Release
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City of Hanford, California, Chooses Innovyze Advanced Smart Water Modeling Technology
InfoWater and InfoSewer ArcGIS-Centric Modeling Solutions to Help Hanford in Making Critical Decisions on Growth Planning and for Updating its General Plan
Broomfield, Colorado, USA, August 30, 2016 — Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, today announced that the City of Hanford, California, has chosen Innovyze’s InfoWater and InfoSewer software as the foundation for supporting the update of the General Plan and for making critical decisions on growth planning.  The software will also be used for updating the City’s drinking water, sanitary sewer and storm drainage systems master plans, as well as for supporting the preparation of the Urban Water Management Plan to meet California Water Code requirements SB 610 and AB 910.
Established as the county seat for Kings County, California, Hanford has a population of about 55,000, with an average growth rate of 2% to 3% per year. Growth is anticipated to increase the population to 70,177 in 2020. The City’s drinking water system is comprised of 203 miles of main lines, 15 water supply wells, and 3.5 million gallons of storage tanks. Its sanitary sewer system consists of approximately 212 miles of main lines and 22 pump stations, and its storm drainage system comprises approximately 56 miles of main lines, 30 pump stations, and 181 acres of drainage basins.
“We selected InfoWater and InfoSewer because they have the power, functionality, and full-range capabilities we need to effectively integrate all our water and sewer network modeling activities directly with our GIS to increase productivity and create seamless workflows,” said Hanford Deputy Public Works Director and City Engineer John Doyel, P.E. “We were also impressed by the software’s ease of use, flexibility and value, as well as the excellent customer support and track record of Innovyze. They are helping our consultant update our Urban Water Management Plan and develop optimized solutions at maximum savings, so we can continue to deliver greater value to our customers.”
Built atop ArcGIS (Esri, Redlands, CA) with native geodatabase support, InfoWater and InfoSewer offer a single comprehensive, GIS-centric solution for analyzing and managing water distribution and sewer collections systems. The result is performance modeling that sets new levels of scalability, reliability, functionality and flexibility within the powerful ArcGIS environment. Using these advanced predictive tools, utilities can easily simulate and evaluate various conditions, pinpoint system deficiencies, and determine the most cost-effective improvements to achieve optimum performance and regulatory compliance and meet vital climate change and sustainability challenges.
“Innovyze offers by far the most comprehensive selection of ArcGIS-centric hydraulic modeling and management solutions in the water and wastewater industries,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, Dist.M.ASCE, NAE, President, COO and Chief Innovation Officer of Innovyze. “These critical tools are designed to help our customers do their jobs better, faster and at lower cost. We’re proud to know that our InfoWater andInfoSewer solutions will be helping the City of Hanford build a foundation for success in the decades to come.”
About Innovyze
Innovyze is a leading global provider of wet infrastructure business analytics software solutions designed to meet the technological needs of water/wastewater utilities, government agencies, and engineering organizations worldwide. Its clients include the majority of the largest UK, Australasian, East Asian and North American cities, foremost utilities on all five continents, and ENR top-rated design firms. With unparalleled expertise and offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, the Innovyze connected portfolio of best-in-class product lines empowers thousands of engineers to competitively plan, manage, design, protect, operate and sustain highly efficient and resilient infrastructure systems, and provides an enduring platform for customer success. For more information, call Innovyze at +1 626-568-6868, or visit www.innovyze.com.
Innovyze Contact:
Rajan Ray
Director of Marketing and Client Service Manager
+1 626-568-6868

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