Thursday, August 20, 2015

EPA SWMM 5.1.010 Build 5.1.010 Update with Images

Build 5.1.010 (08/05/15)
Source Engine Updates:

1.  A modified version of Green-Ampt infiltration (MODIFIED GREEN AMPT) was
    added that no longer redistributes upper zone moisture deficit during
    low rainfall events. The original authors of SWMM's Green-Ampt model
    have endorsed this modified version. It will produce more infiltration
    for storm events that begin with low rainfall intensities, such as the
    SCS design storm distributions.SNAGHTML2e5eed0

2.  A new type of weir, a ROADWAY weir, has been added. It models roadway
    overtopping using the FHWA HDS-5 method and would typically be used in
    parallel with a culvert conduit.SNAGHTML2e4b8d2

3.  Rule premises can now test whether a link has been open (or closed) for
    a specific period of time. See the Help file for more details.
4.  Unsaturated hydraulic conductivity ("K") was added to the list of
    variables that can be used in a user-supplied groundwater flow equation.
5.  A bug introduced in update 2 of release 5.1.008 that failed to include
    infiltration from LID units into the groundwater routine was fixed.

6.  A bug that failed to properly initialize the flag indicating that one or
    more LID controls was initially wet was fixed.

7.  Duplicate printing of the first line of an LID detailed report file was

8.  The Hargreaves evaporation formula was modified to use a 7-day running
    average of daily temperatures, instead of just single day values, as
    recommended by the formula's authors.

9.  Daily potential evapotranspiration (PET) was added as a system output
10. The qualrout.c module was refactored to make it more compact and easier
    to follow.

11. Storage seepage and evaporation losses are now based on the storage volume
    at the end, not the start, of the prior time step.

12. The command line used to build the engine included in the "makefile"
    for the GNU C/C++ compiler was corrected to include the OpenMP libraries.

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