Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to Draw the Top Width in @INNOVYZE #InfoSWMM for Transects OR HEC-RAS Open Channels

Here is a procedure that works for me to draw the top width for transects from the InfoSWMM model results:
  1. Make a map display of the maximum top width during the simulation, the variable is MXTOP_WIDH and will added to the Arc Map TOC
  2. Use the Buffer Command in Arc Map and a field of MXTOP_WIDH
  3.  the Buffer Command in Arc Map and the Pipe or Link feature class
  4. I have Arc Map Standard so I cannot use Create Polygons from Lines or Advanced Editing which might work for you
  5. There is a buffer polygon made with a different width for each link
    How to Draw the Top Width in InfoSWMM for Transects

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