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A Top Ten List of Advantages of InfoSWMM over SWMM 5 (IMO)

Introduction:  I have been working on the various versions of SWMM since 1980 when I was a co-author and co-developer of SWMM3, a co-author and co-developer of SWMM4 in 1988 and a co-developer of SWMM 5 from 2002/2006.   I have worked at Innovyze as a Product Sector Leader since 2008 and have grown to love the power and ability of InfoSWMM and all Innovyze software such as InfoWater, ICM, H2OMap SWMM and InfoSewer.  This blog post explains based on my experience why  InfoSWMM makes you a better modeler or modeller for the SWMM 5 engine rather than just directly using the SWMM 5 engine and GUI available from the USEPA.  I am still an almost daily user of SWMM 5 so I have a constant comparison between the ability of the InfoSWMM Modeling Platform over the SWMM 5 GUI. 

First a  brief Introduction to InfoSWMM or a reminder of the history of InfoSWMM: InfoSWMM for ArcGIS (Esri, Redlands, CA). InfoSWMM  enables engineers to work more efficiently and reliably with very large and complex network models, thanks to improvements in such areas as built-in 64-bit simulation, enhanced water quality modeling, and batch run scenario management using many of the Arc Map tools developed for InfoWater and InfoSewer.. All operations of a typical sewer system — from analysis and design to management functions such as water quality assessment, pollution prediction, sediment transport and deposition, urban flooding, real-time control, and record keeping — are addressed in a single, fully integrated geoengineering environment. The program’s powerful hydraulic and water quality computational engine is based on the current SWMM 5 version, which is endorsed by the USEPA and certified by FEMA.  You can also get almost 24/7 support for InfoSWMM from Innovyze by emailing us at 

My Top Ten Reasons for preferring InfoSWMM over SWMM 5 based on my experience: These are the top ten reasons I have found over the last seven years for using InfoSWMM over the SWMM 5 GUI:
  1.  Scenario, Database and Facility Managers, InfoSWMM allows you to have present and future scenarios and a facility manager so that it is easy to have active and inactive sections of your network,make smaller networks and simulate only portions of  your network for calibration or design.  Domain and Selection Sets for editing and output graphics.  Two hundred plus tools for Elevation Extraction, Pond Extraction, Data Inference, Data Connectivity etc. based on the proven technology and creativity from the Past 18 years of InfoWater development.
  2. The Tools of InfoSWMM and construction of InfoSWMM are based on almost 18 years of InfoWater Arc Map development; you are buying tools that have been proven across platform and modeling engines for many years
  3. Database editing of Network Elements and Output Files in either the Attribute Browser, DB Tables or the Output Report Manager Tables and Graphs.
  4. ArcMap Attribute Table Editing and Layer Properties along with Python scripts in ArcTool Box plus all of the Arc Map Editing tools to alter, edit or expand your modeling network.
  5. Many output graphs and map displays along with editable DB tables of the SWMM5 engine reports for Subcatchments, Links, Nodes, LID Units for all scenarios and calibration graphs.  You can edit and graph each report or graph parameter using many Statistical Functions and Graphical Shapes.
  6. Output Relates, Data Base Queries and Output Statistical Tables for up to 500 Network Elements for Continuous Simulations.  You can analyze up to 1000 years of output for up to 1 million node, link and subcatchment elements.
  7. Domain, Selection Set for Output File Sizes, 32 and 64 Bit Engines, Simulation Manager, Batch Runs and Multi-Core Processing for the Simulation Engine. Domains in particular are fantastic way to edit, view and organize your model input and output.
  8. IjnfoSWMM 2D, InfoSWMM SFEM, InfoSWMM CapPlan, InfoSWMM connection to SWMMLive InfoSWMM connection to InfoMaster for CAP Planning.  InfoSWMM 2D is based on the Innovyze ICM 2D output and engine with the extra ability to edit and create polygons directly in Arc Map. SWMMLive is an AddOn that allows you to use InfoSWMM or SWMM5 models inside of Innovyze ICMLive.
  9. Genetic Algorithm Suite Addons for Calibration parameter estimation for surface hydrology, subsurface hydrology, infiltration, pumps, wet wells, links and the RTK parameters in RDII hydrology.  Genetic Algorithm Suite Addons for the Design of Pump, Links, Wet Wells and Other Physical parameters in your model. Other Suite Addons for Watershed Generation, Dry Weather Flow Estimation, Conduit Storage Synthesis, Pond Design Manager, Risk Assessment Manager, Google Earth Net View, InfoSWMM 2D and Capacity Planning
  10. Many Exchange tools for ODBC, GIS Gateway, Import and Export Manager along with very good SWMM 5 import and InfoSewer direct import.   You can import XLS, CSV, Shapefiles are well as export these ans other formats.
Introduction to InfoSWMM The basic layout and features of InfoSWMM as an Arc Map in Arc GIS[/caption]  

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