Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How to Change the Spatial Coordinates in Arc Map for InfoSWMM and InfoSewer

If you have an unknown coordinate system in InfoSewer or InfoSWMM, this is one way to fix the unknown coordinate issue.

Here is how you fix the coordinate issue so you can view your model in Google Maps:
1    1.   Use export manager and save a shape file of your manhole or junction data,
2.      Next (there are a lot of ways to do this) use Arc Map Tools and define the saved shape file as Australian GDA1994 MGA 1956
3.      Now, merge your InfoSWMM Model with the newly created and newly defined Australian GDA1994 MGA 1956 shape file
4.      Next, change the project spatial reference to Australian GDA1994 MGA 1956 and zoom to your layers
5.      You now can have a  background image layer and
6.      You can see the streets next to the inlets of your model in Google Maps.
Arc Map Tools for Defining the Projection of a Shapefile

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