Sunday, December 22, 2013

Guidelines for Help Files and Examples

Guidelines for Help Files and Examples

I have written a lot of software and have used a lot of software in my
career. I thought it would be good for me to list some guidelines I
try to follow when using and making software. I emphasis the word
guidelines as I often do not follow these guidelines. Think Wish list
when you read guideline. I have actually learned a lot from using
software without access to the source code though knowing the source
code is always very helpful.

1. Some mention in the help file of the feature – at least some place to start the process of understanding.
2. Help file information to explain the background of the feature and common values for the parameters of the feature,
3. An example of how the feature is used – How do you even get it to work?
4. Rules and sensitivity of the feature – how is this feature linked to other features, what are the rules for using the feature and how sensitive is the feature?
5. An example of the feature along with 
6. A bullet list of how to use the feature 
7. How do I see if the feature is actually working?  Some options or features are not always used 
8. More to come in the future  

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