Thursday, January 17, 2013

Importing a Link Shapefile into InfoSWMM via GIS Gateway

Importing a Link Shapefile into InfoSWMM via GIS Gateway

Here is how you map the shapefile pipe fields to the InfoSWMM data fields.  One note, you had two diameter fields (feet and inches) and the feet column was mostly zero so I used the inch column.  Here are the four steps and mapping you need to import all of the data from your shapefile.  You will have to use blockedit and convert the diameter from inches to feet in the DB link table (Step 5 – note there are still three missing pipe diameters).

Step 1.  Use the GIS Gateway command and set up the import of the file name, and ID field

Step 2. Set up the mapping between the Shapefile fields and InfoSWMM.  We used link offset and the pipe diameter in inches.

Step 3. Load the mapped shapefile

Step 4.  The imported data from your shapefile into the DB table of InfoSWMM

Step 5  Convert to feet from inches

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