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The SWMM 5, 1D Components in InfoSWMM 2D

Note:  The SWMM 5 1D Components in InfoSWMM 2D

The SWMM 5 1D Components in InfoSWMM 2D

by dickinsonre
Note:  The SWMM 5 1D Components in InfoSWMM 2D

InfoSWMM 2D uses standard SWMM 5 components to connect the 1D Nodes to the 2D Mesh.  A bottom outlet orifice at the maximum depth of the node drains to a SWMM 5 Outfall at the fixed elevation equal to the Node Rim Elevation. Flow can go into or out of the Outfall from the 1D element from or to the 2D Mesh. InfoSWMM 2D automatically makes the necessary elements if 2D is used and the new elements are listed in the Hydqua.inp file, which is very similar to the Tab Delimited SWMM5 Input file. 
The HYDQUA.inp is very similar to the Excel Tab formatted file of SWMM 5 with a few additional sections and added features:

1st Difference:   The Flood Node Data Section tell the 2D engine which Node has a 1D-2D connection and which 2D mesh element the 1D Node drains to when it is flooded.

10309D      848
80408        131

2nd Difference:  Outfall Nodes are created for the 2D Mesh Element connected to the 1D Node, the outfalls are Fixed Outfalls and the fixed head is the Node Rim Elevation of the 1D node listed in the Flooded Node Section

10208  89.900000     FREE  NO
10208A           89.900000     FIXED            94.400000     YES
10208B           89.900000     FREE  NO
10208C           89.900000     FREE  NO
10208D           89.900000     FREE  NO
10208E           89.900000     FREE  NO
10309D_OUTFALL           101.600000            FIXED           111.000000            NO
80408_OUTFALL             120.000000            FIXED           133.400000            NO

3rd  Difference:  Bottom Outlet Orifices are created to connect the 1D node to the 2D Mesh Element Outfall with the Flood Discharge Coefficient entered by the user and a crest height equal to the maximum depth of the node

OR1@82309B-15009B  82309B      15009B      BOTTOM    0.000000   0.850000   NO
OR1@82309D-82308D  82309D      82308D      SIDE 0.000000   0.850000   NO
10309D_ORIFICE       10309D      10309D_OUTFALL       BOTTOM    9.400000   0.030000   NO
80408_ORIFICE          80408        80408_OUTFALL         BOTTOM    13.400000 0.030000   NO  

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