Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Understand the OUT directory in InfoSWMM and InfoSWMM SA

Note:  How to Understand the OUT directory in InfoSWMM and H2OMAP SWMM

This is how you understand the files in the .OUT directory:

.OUT                         OUT directory of the InfoSWMM project
Scenario                    Location of all Scenario Output Files
Base                         The Base Scenario in this case
JOB                           The temporary output file for inp, out and txt files during the simulation –
                                this  should be cleaned out and copied at the end of the simulation

HYDQUA Header.html   is the left side of the browser page
HYDQUA.html             is the text output file from SWMM 5
HYDQUA.inp               SWMM 5 “like” input file for InfoSWMM
HYDQUA.out               Binary Output File
hydqua.rpt.lid.txt         LID Text Output File
hydqua.rpt.txt             InfoSWMM Text Output   Comprehensive Storm Water Management Model: based on EPA-SWMM 5.0.022

If you have an data abort in some of the older InfoSWMM models the txt and inp files are still in the JOB directory and NOT the BASE directory.  They can still be viewed in the JOB directory using the Notepad icons and searching for the files.

HYDQUA.htmlHYDQUA Header.html and hydqua.rpt.txt together in the browser.

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