Saturday, November 28, 2009

SWMM 5.0.018

Build 5.0.018 (11/18/09)
Engine Updates

1. Reporting of the total infiltration + evaporation loss for each
Storage Unit (as a percent of total inflow to the unit) was added
to the Storage Volume Summary table in the Status Report. See
objects.h, node.c, stats.c, and statsrpt.c.

2. Double counting the final stored volume when finding the nodes with
the highest mass balance errors has been eliminated. See stats.c.

3. A warning message was added for when a Rain Gage's recording
interval is less than the smallest time interval appearing in its
associated rainfall time series. (An error message is issued if
the recording interval is greater than the smallest time series
interval.) See gage.c and text.h.

4. Hot Start interface files now contain the final state of each
subcatchment's groundwater zone in addition to the node and
link information they have always had. See routing.c.

5. To avoid confusion, the actual conduit slope is now listed in the
Link Summary table of the Status Report rather than the adjusted
slope that results from any conduit lengthening. See link.c and

6. The Status Report now displays only those summary tables for
which results have been obtained (e.g., if the Flow Routing
option is turned off, then no node or link tables are displayed).
See massbal.c and statsrpt.c.

7. Some code re-factoring was done to place rain gage validation
and initialization in separate functions. See project.c, gage.c,
and funcs.h.

8. The engine version number was updated to 50018 (this update had
been overlooked since release 5.0.010). See consts.h.

GUI Updates

1. A bug that prevented Status Report files from being deleted from
a users TEMP folder when they were no longer in use was corrected.
Users should check their TEMP folders (usually in
c:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Temp)
for old files that begin with "swm". These can safely be deleted.

2. The project input file created for use by SWMM's Add-On Tools now
contains all project data, including map coordinates and element

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