Friday, December 26, 2008

SWMM 5 Pond Infiltration

You can model the pond infiltration indirectly by using either:

1. a Pump Type 4 (the classic SWMM 4 solution to this matter), in which the Pump simulates the pond depth - infiltration rate function,

2. alter the SWMM 5 Evap Factor for a pond so that you have seasonal or monthly variation in your infiltration loss simulated as an increase in Pan Evaporation or

3. You can use the newer SWMM 5 Outlet structure and use either a functional or tabular relationship to simulate the infiltration loss as a function of pond depth.

If you search the CHI Knowledge database you can also find some suggestions from Mike Gregory (and others) about modeling infiltration loss from a pond. I would recommend items 2 and 3 because "An outlet curve in SWMM 5 has the same functionality as a SWMM 4 Depth related pump ( Flow versus Depth) but it has the great advantage of being explicitly designed to have multiple functions; does not have the appearance of being an ad hoc solution (as a pump simulating infiltration would be to the casual viewer) and has many wonderful other features (added by Lewis Rossman) that you would not get with a strict pump link."

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