Saturday, February 10, 2018

How to Compile Older SWMM 5 C Engines in Visual Studio 2012

As I move from one PC to another and want to go back  and recompile an earlier version of SWMM5 in a newer version of Visual Studio, I often have file issues.  Here is how I cope using the earlier version of SWMM 5 :
  1. Use Visual Studio 2012 and make a SWMM 5.1011 directory with two sub directories,  C and Delphi Code and the model files needed to run your networks,
  2. Copy the C and H files to the SWMM5 Sub folder  D:\SWMMandSoftware\SWMM5.1.011\SWMM5_Code from the SWMM5 engine zip folder
  3. Rename the vcxproj files so they correspond to the version of SWMM5,  SWMM55101_VC2012-DLL.vcxproj in the D:\SWMMandSoftware\SWMM5.1.011\SWMM5_Code\swmm51011_engine folder
  4. You should be able to compile the Debug or Release versions, the SWMM5.DLL  file will be made in the debug or release D:\SWMMandSoftware\SWMM5.1.011\SWMM5_Code\swmm51011_engine\Release  You can change this location later for testing.

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