Thursday, October 19, 2017

Overview of Center for Infrastructure Modeling and Management NCIMM for #SWMM6

The Center for Infrastructure Modeling and Management has been envisaged as an entity that will preserve, promote and extend the US EPA SWMM and EPANETsoftware applications, and potentially other applications.  SWMM and EPANET are two foremost tools for assessment of watershed hydrology and pipe network hydraulics, respectively, and are perhaps unparalleled examples of technical community accomplishments conducted as a partnership of stakeholders from all avenues of professional practice.  Build over decades with participation from regulatory, academic, consulting,  owner/operator, vendors, and institutional support under the continuing leadership of the US EPA, these tools are used around the world as 'first choice' software applications in many, many situations.  They will remain as first choice tools for years to come.  A key question, therefore, is how to ensure these hallmarks of professional practice can be maintained, promoted, and developed going forward.  The expectations of users has evolved, needs have evolved, so the tools and their support mechanisms must evolve along with them. 

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