Friday, August 4, 2017

Suggestions for LIDs, SuDs, WSuDs in #SWMM5 #SWMM

There should be a way to specify pollutant removal for each LID. Here are other suggestions for LIDs, SuDs, WSuDs in SWMM5:

1.  Removal equations for BMP's as in EPA / Tetra Tech Sustain,
2.  An extra field to indicate whether a LID was in the impervious area or pervious area.  As i have documented for years in my twitter feed, LID's can be anywhere and of any size.  This extra field would be a way to better automate the calculation of NON LID area in the SWMM5 engine,
3.  The percent capture of impervious area should be both the way it is now and by LID unit.  For example, 0.1 percent of the impervious area goes to one rain garden.  This would help optimizers such as Innovyze Sustain.
4.  SWMM 5 should have more than 3 to 4 runoff surfaces.  The 4th is for snowmelt.  This will help to have different soil characteristics per runoff pervious area. It would really help to have more than two types of impervious surface and one pervious runoff surface. 5. It would also be good to have the ability to have more than one type of infiltration per simulation.  It is handy to be able to use horton, green ampt and  CN in the same model.   InfoSWMM has this ability.
6.  For treatment train ability an LID should be able to drain or overflow to another LID in the same Subcatchment instead of making the downstream LID cover the whole Subcatchment.
7.  More  later or from this blog if you interested
Workflow in InfoSWMM Sustain

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