Sunday, January 10, 2016

Newly updated SuDS Design training - based on CIRIA 2015 SuDS Manual (C753)

Newly updated SuDS Design training - based on CIRIA 2015 SuDS Manual (C753), 26-27 Jan London

This is a great SuDS - aka as #LID or Low Impact Development in North America

Newly updated Designing SuDS training
26-27 January 2016, London
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SuDS - helping create better places to live, work and play 
This intensive two-day course has been developed to complement current Non-Statutory Technical SuDS Standards and the updated 2015 version of the CIRIA SuDS Manual (C753). 
The newly updated SuDS training can enable you to plan, design, evaluate and manage sustainable drainage in line with good practice and National Standards, enabling you to understand what makes a successful scheme. 
Why attendDelegates will:
  • keep up-to-date with current legislation and requirements of regulatory authorities
  • learn current design approaches
  • understand key objectives and principles learning how to apply the SuDS approach using real life case studies
  • learn how to design SuDS for difficult sites such as high density housing or contaminated industrial sites
  • learn how to design SuDS that are robust and require low maintenance, and are safe
  • benefit from and share experiences and knowledge with our expert trainers (a landscape architect and engineer) and the other delegates
  • obtain CPD accreditation by attending a nationally recognised SuDS training course.
Who should attend
Civil/drainage engineers, landscape architects, architects and flood risk managers working in client, consulting or contracting organisations, developers, local authorities, highway authorities, sewerage undertakers, environmental regulators and manufacturers and suppliers.
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