Sunday, February 8, 2015

Robert Dickinson Product Sector Leader (PSL) for Innovyze Inc.

Robert Dickinson or a Post about what I do and more importantly a guide to my many links.
Product Sector Leader (PSL) for Innovyze Inc..
Telephone:    813-712-0664
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The Link to Future Innovyze Webcasts
Are you interested in connecting with fellow Innovyze users?  Register for the Innovyze Users Forum, a customer-focused learning and sharing environment, and join in the discussion!
Product Sector Leader with @Innovyze for InfoSWMM and InfoSewer, 37+ years w/ SWMM3/4/5! 8 Years w/ @Innovyze! 8 years @CDMSmith 8 years w/ XPSWMM 15 years @UF
PSL: InfoSWMM , InfoSewer, H2OMAP SWMM, H2OMAP SEWER and InfoSWMM Suite, InfoSWMM 2D
Other : ICM, ICM SE, IWCS, SWMMLive, SWMM5, InfoSWMM SFEM, InfoSWMM SUSTAIN, Any Other Innovyze Product (less)
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Little Known Fact about InfoSWMM: InfoSWMM 2D uses the ICM 2D hydraulic engine
The Current InfoSWMM Version is InfoSWMM v13 SP1 which is based on EPA SWMM 5.1.007 You can read about SWMM5 on Wikipedia and InfoSWMM vs SWMM 5 on this blog post. An advantage of updating to the newer version of Info/Map/SWMM/Sewer is a newly designed help file with many more FAQ’s and the User Guide as part of the help file.

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