Sunday, February 8, 2009

SWMM5 Advanced Calibration File Formats

SWMM 5 Calibration Files

Steps for making calibration files from the SWMM 5.

Step 1.  Run the model and graph at least one Object class such as Nodes, Links or Subcatchments

Step 2:  Use the Command Copy To to bring up the Saving Selection Dialog

Step 3.  Select the type of Calibration File you want based on the Selection List

Step 4:  Go to the Calibration Data Selection Menu

Step 5:  Select the correct type of Calibration Data

Step 6:  Click on the Edit Button and paste the data you saved to the clipboard into the Text Box

Step 7: Graph with the Calibration Data

Step 8: Graph with the Calibration Data in Date/Time Format

Step 9: Graph with the Calibration Data in Date/Time Format


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