Sunday, January 27, 2019

How to Use Population for DWF in SWMM5 and InfoSWMM

The SWMM5 engine uses mean flow as the dry weather flow value (DWF) and not population but does allow weekday, weekend, daily and monthly patterns.  You can use these many pattern options to actually use population in the SWMM5 and InfoSWMM dry weather flow tables.  Here are the steps as shown in the embedded image:
  1. Population in the Value field,
  2. Per Capita flow in the Monthly Pattern field,
  3. Weekday pattern
  4. Weekend pattern
  5. Conversion (if needed) from the per capita units to the current units of SWMM5 or InfoSWMM
  6. This can make SWMM5 and InfoSWMM more like Innovyze products XPSWMM, InfoWorks ICM and InfoSewer.

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