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Creating a “zero byte” MXD file to use with any version of ArcGIS

Creating a “zero byte” MXD file to use with any version of ArcGISh/tvbyPatrick Moore One of the challenges sometimes faced when sharing any of Innovyze non-workgroup products that run in ArcGIS such as InfoWater, InfoMaster, InfoSewer, and InfoSWMM is when different users are using different versions of ArcGIS.  When you attempt to open a model that was saved in a higher version of ArcGIS than you are using, you will get an error message that the file cannot be opened. One of the easiest ways to get around this issue if you need to send a model to someone running an older version of ArcGIS is to create a “zero byte .mxd” file that can be opened in any version of ArcGIS without issue. If you make the MXD a zero byte fileit will strip away any Arc GIS specific information which allows you use the model database data in the IWDB or ISDB folder to be used in any version of Arc GIS. You can do the following to make the zero byte MXD file: Browse in Windows Explorer to the location of the m…