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Conduit Names in the Pascal GUI of SWMM5

// Short names and data field labels of available shapes   XsectShapes: array[0..MAX_SHAPE_INDEX] of TXsectShape =     (      (Text: ('RECT_OPEN', 'Bottom Width', '', '')),      (Text: ('TRAPEZOIDAL', 'Bottom Width', 'Left Slope', 'Right Slope')),      (Text: ('TRIANGULAR', 'Top Width', '', '')),      (Text: ('PARABOLIC', 'Top Width', '', '')),      (Text: ('POWER', 'Top Width', 'Power', '')),      (Text: ('IRREGULAR', '', '', '')),      (Text: ('CIRCULAR', '', '', '')),      (Text: ('FORCE_MAIN', 'Roughness*', '', '')),      (Text: ('FILLED_CIRCULAR', 'Filled Depth', '', '')),      (Text: ('RECT_CLOSED', 'Bottom Width', '', '')),      (Text: ('HORIZ_ELLIPSE',…

How to fix depth vs elevation offset issues in links using InfoSWMM and InfoSWMM SA

Issue background:  You have offsets as depth instead of elevation in your SWMM5 model. 
Here is how you fix this: Go to Project preferences and turn on Store Absolute Conduit InvertYou offsets will now be elevations but will be off by a factor of 2Now, go to the Conduit DB Table and using the Block Edit tool divide the offsets by 2,

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