How to Understand Scenarios In InfoSWMM and InfoSWMM_SA

1 How to Understand Scenarios In InfoSWMM and InfoSWMM_SA
Some examples of alternatives that you may wish to explore with Scenarios:
Master Plans for future years
RTC strategies
Pipe size changes
I/I Reduction
Designs for reducing overflows
Sensitivity analysis 
LID Flow Reduction

2 You can have Child Scenario’s based on the Base Scenario or a different Child Scenario.  Compare Child1 to Child22 or Child222.
3 The Base and Child Scenarios can have different General, Facility and Dataset Characteristics
4 Use Intelli-Selection to have different active and inactive elements per scenario.  Facility Manager controls whether and element is active or inactive.
5 Inactive elements are grey, the current selected element is colored and the other active elements have the default element color or colour.
6 Use datasets to have different element data, dwf, inflows or improvements such as RDII reduction or LID controls.


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