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PySWMM Documentation which is a Python package the allows seamless interaction with the USEPA-SWMM5

Source of this file is

Start here to begin working with pyswmm.

The pyswmm package allows seamless interaction with the USEPA-SWMM5
data model.  Parameter getters/setters and results getters have been
exposed, allowing the user to see results while a simulation is
running as well as update link settings.

Loading a Model

There are three options to load a model. If there is no desire to
interact with the simulation then the simplest way to run the
model is the following:

.. code-block:: python

>>> from pyswmm import Simulation
>>> sim = Simulation('./testmodel.inp')
>>> sim.execute()

The following method allows the user to read in a model and
manually step through the simulation and get/set parameters and
results.  This scenario is the cleanest solution using a
with statement. It automatically cleans up after the
simulation is complete. 

.. code-block:: python

>>> from pyswmm import…

How to Set your Model Preferences in InfoSWMM_SA

InfoSWMM SA Preferences

The Operation tab allows the user to control project settings relating to the management of various InfoSWMM SA operations. It should be noted that all the changes made on the Preferences dialog box must be saved prior to closing the dialog box. Many preferences set with this command will be reflected as the default choices on other dialog boxes.  You may change those settings as desired on those dialog boxes. Contents of the Operation Settings tab of the preferences dialog is described below: NAME DESCRIPTION Auto Length Calculation Auto Length/Area Calculation Auto Record Saving Auto Database Packing Delete Confirmation Auto Link Node Inclusion Check Update / Upgrade Batch Import on Open Batch Export on Save Allow Duplicated Report Store Absolute Conduit Invert Allow Project Database Editing Buffer Edit Diameter of (Filled) Circular Pipe in inch/mm in Attribute Browser Include Extra Summary Data for Map Display Use the Simul

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The beautiful code for the Water Quality Treatment Functions in #SWMM5

//----------------------------------------------------------------------------- //   treatmnt.c // //   Project:  EPA SWMM5 //   Version:  5.1 //   Date:     03/20/14   (Build 5.1.001) //             03/19/15   (Build 5.1.008) //   Author:   L. Rossman // //   Pollutant treatment functions. // //   Build 5.1.008: //   - A bug in evaluating recursive calls to treatment functions was fixed. // //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- #define _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE
#include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> #include "headers.h"
//----------------------------------------------------------------------------- //  Constants //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- static const int PVMAX = 5;            // number of process variables enum   ProcessVarType {pvHRT,          // hydraulic residence time                        pvDT,           // time step duration                        pvFLOW,         // flow rate         …