How the Pump Target setting in #SWMM5 works with Initial Conditions

How does the Pump Target setting in #SWMM5 work?  Your pump options, include the initial conditions, the pump on and off depths, the pump type, the pump curve and optional real time rules or RTC Rules.
    1. Red is the situation if you start with the Pump with the Wet Well depth greater than the Pump Off Depth. The Pump Setting is greater than zero and the depth is greater than the Pump Off Depth – the pump never turns off.   You need start the pump in the off condition.
    2. Purple and Green is the situation when you start the model with the Pump Off.  The Pump then turns on based on the Pump On depth and off based on the Wet Well depth and the Pump off depth.
SWMM5 Target and Settings for Pumps


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