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#LID Defaults from the EPA SWC

#LID Defaults from the EPA SWC The following defaults are from the EPA Stormwater Calculator
A few of these parameters such as the capture ratio are not parameters in InfoSWMM Sustain
There are some additional points to keep in mind when applying LID controls to a site: 1.      The area devoted toDisconnection,Rain Gardens, andInfiltration Basinsis assumed to come from the site’s collective amount of pervious land cover while the area occupied byGreen Roofs,Street PlantersandPorous Pavementcomes from the site’s store of impervious area.
2. Underdrains (slotted pipes placed in the gravel beds ofStreet PlanterandPorous Pavementareas to prevent the unit from flooding) are not provided for. However since underdrains are typically oversized and placed at the top of the unit’s gravel bed, the effect on the amount of excess runoff flow bypassed by the unit is the same whether it flows out of the underdrain or simply runs off…

Flow Routing in InfoSWMM and Innovyze SWMM Products

Flow Routing Flow routing within a conduit link in InfoSWMM H2OMap SWMM InfoSWMM SA  is governed by the conservation of mass and momentum equations for gradually varied, unsteady flow (i.e., the Saint Venant flow equations). The InfoSWMM H2OMap SWMM InfoSWMM SA  user has a choice on the level of sophistication used to solve these equations: Steady Flow RoutingKinematic Wave Routing Dynamic Wave Routing Steady Flow Routing
Steady Flow routing represents the simplest type of routing possible (actually no routing) by assuming that within each computational time step flow is uniform and steady. Thus it simply translates inflow hydrographs at the upstream end of the conduit to the downstream end, with no delay or change in shape. The Manning equation is used to relate flow rate to flow area (or depth).
This type of routing cannot account for channel storage, backwater effects, entrance/exit losses, flow reversal or pressurized flow. It can only be used with dendritic conveyance networ…

SWMMLive Manager in Innovyze #SWMM5 Products

SWMMLive Manager The InfoSWMM SASWMMLiveManager is the single utility in InfoSWMM SA to manage all interactions between InfoSWMM SA models andSWMMLivemodel data exchange.  It exports the active InfoSWMM SA scenario as the baseline model to SWMMLive.  It allows extension of selected InfoSWMM SA scenarios as additional supporting model data to SWMMLive for scenario switching.  It also accepts an exportedSWMMLivemodel for detailed diagnosis run in InfoSWMM SA, supported with all the familiar InfoSWMM SA utilities. InfoSWMM SASWMMLiveManager is accessed from theAddOn Extension Managervia its toolbar button or from the Tools menu (Tools -> AddOn Extension Manager). The InfoSWMM SA SWMMLive Manager User Interface is shown below. The InfoSWMM SA SWMMLive Manager main dialog box has three tabs: Export Model to SWMMLive, Extend Scenario Data to SWMMLive, and Diagnose SWMMLive Model.  All model exchanges between InfoSWMM SA and SWMMLive are made through model definition files with …