Using RDII or RTK or I&I Hydrographs in #INFOSEWER

Using RDII or RTK or I&I Hydrographs in #INFOSEWER – InfoSewer from Innovyze also has the features to model Infiltration/Inflow from Rainfall Events into a Sanitary or Combined Sewershed.  There are three parameters, R, T and K, a Sewershed Area and a fraction division that divides up the overall R to the three individual R’s

1UH has an overall R (percent of Rainfall that turns into Rainfall Dependent Infiltration Inflow)
a.      R1 = Percent R1 * R / 100
b.      R2 = Percent R2 * R / 100
c.      R3 =  R – R1 – R2
2Figure 1 shows the Rainfall for InfoSewer
3Figure 2 shows the result of using 100 Percent R1, R2 or R3 at a node
4T is in hour and T*K is the Time Base of the resulting UH

Figure 1 - Rainfall for RTK in InfoSewer

Figure 2 - Resultant UH for Nodes with  only R1, R2 or R3.


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