Infosessie nieuwste trends & tools drinkwater producten Innovyze #INFOWATER

Infosessie nieuwste trends & tools drinkwater producten Innovyze  

“SCADAWatch equips us with real-time operational and predictive analytics” Analytics that help us make faster and more confident decisions for optimal performance of our water distribution system. They give us a comprehensive view into the performance of our water systems and enable us to improve operational decisions and better manage risks with information to make decisions about asset renewal and rehabilitation. As a component of the District’s Asset Management Plan, SCADAWatch is envisioned to reduce cost to customers while maintaining required customer service levels."

“InfoWater is a critical component of our Twenty-Year Master Plan” The software’s comprehensive hydraulic and water quality modeling and simulation capabilities and its seamless GIS integration will help us improve our water system efficiency and performance, and ensure that we continue to best serve our customers."


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