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Underground London Sewers in 1898


@InnovyzeTim performing a #SCADAWatch presentation at #ICMLiveUserDay @Innovyze #LiveSystem #water #SCADASystem

@InnovyzeTim performing a #SCADAWatch presentation at — David Monteiro (@InnovyzeDavid) September 24, 2015 Does your instrument report confidence lvl, battery pwr, maint reqd...? See full picture in — Akshaya Niraula (@InnovyzeAxay) September 24, 2015 Visit Innovyze (Booth #1756) at WEFTEC 2015 and Learn about — Robert Dickinson (@InnovyzeRobert) September 23, 2015

Innovyze Offers Free Industry-Leading GIS-Centric Water Network Transient Modeling Software to Universities Worldwide #INFOSURGE

Innovyze Free Offers Industry-Leading GIS-Centric Network Transient Water Modeling Software to Universities Worldwide #INFOSURGE Free Student Edition of InfoSurge Aimed at Giving Students Hands-On Experience to Better Prepare Industry-Ready Workforce and Shape the FutureBroomfield, Colorado, USA, September 22, 2015 Continually ITS Fulfilling promise to raise the bar in water resources engineering education and expand the world of learning, Innovyze, a leading innovator of comprehensive business analytics software and technologies for wet infrastructure smart, today Announced the availability of Its industry-leading GIS-centric water transient network modeling software free to students and professors at Higher Education Institutions worldwide. Its special student edition of  InfoSurge , limited to five links, is designed to give comprehensive universities to simple, flexible way to use advanced, high performance modeling software in water Their classrooms and labs. It will enable stud…

Inflow versus DWF Time Series in #InfoSWMM and #SWMM5

One of the limitations of using Dry Weather Flow (DWF) in SWMM 5 and InfoSWMM is that the same DWF pattern is repeated every 24 hours for either a Weekday or Weekend.  This pattern can be changed by multiplying by the Daily and/or Monthly pattern but the same core hourly pattern stays the same.  There is an alternative, however, and the alternative is to use a time series over a period of days or weeks that matches either your monitored data or a weekly dry weather pattern. Here is an example of how this is used.  The base DWF pattern is over a 24 hour period (Figure 1).  The two day result is copied from the InfoSWMM report manager and applied as a multiple day pattern in the time series editor (Figure 2).  The Scenario Manager of InfoSWMM allows two runs: (1) DWF Pattern only and (2) DWF Pattern + Time Series for Two Days (Figure 3).  The Output Report Manager of InfoSWMM shows that the Inflow Time Series + DWF is twice the DWF only (Figure 4).  It shows that the the multiple day pat…

Some of today’s sewers were built before bathrooms as we know them existed. It’s time to upgrade. From City Lab cites Wayne Huber

Flushing the Toilet Has Never Been RiskierSome of today’s sewers were built before bathrooms as we know them existed. It’s time to upgrade. MARY ANNA EVANSSep 17, 2015

Amit Dave / REUTERS
Flushing toilets enable most Americans to make their own waste disappear as if by magic, but most would be hard-pressed to answer this simple question: When you flush, where does it go?
Septic tank owners, about 20 percent of Americans, are most likely to be able to give an accurate answer, because they’re responsible for the maintenance of their own sewage-disposal systems. A flush from one of their toilets sends wastewater to a tank buried on their property, where the waste products separate into solid and liquid layers and partially decompose. The liquid layer flows out of the tank and into a drainfield that disperses it into the soil, wherenaturally occurring microbes remove harmful bacteria, viruses, and nutrients. The solid layer stays behind in the form of sludge that must be pumped out periodi…

Qfull in #SWMM5 and #INFOSWMM for various levels of y/yFull in a Circular Pipe

Subject:  Qfull in SWMM 5 for various levels of y/yFull in a Circular Pipe 
Here is a table that shows the value of Q/Qfull for various levels of y/yFull or d/D in SWMM5.  The full flow if you loop off the top of a circular pipe at the 0.83 level would be about 1.01 times Qfull for the whole pipe. Figure 1 shows how the flows are calculated at various values, Table 1 and Figure 2 show the values of a/aFull, r/rFull and q/qFull for various values of y/yFull. 
Table 1.   Table  of y/yFull and Q/Qfull based on a/aFull and r/rFull
y/yFull a/aFull r/rFull Q/qFull 0.00000 0.00000 0.01000 0.00000 0.02000 0.00471 0.05280 0.00066 0.04000 0.01340

InfoSWMM 2D Report Variables

InfoSWMM 2D Report VariablesThe Junction Graph variables for 2D Depth, 2D Speed, 2D Froude Number, 2D Unit Flow, 2D Inflow, 2D Volume and 2D Angle for a InfoSWMM 2D simulation for up to 1000 years can be plotted in the Report Manager of InfoSWMM.  This is an image of the 2D inflow over a 10 year period (A), all seven graph variables (B) for the mesh triangle associated with the 1D node (C).  The 2D inflow is + for flow out of the node to a mesh triangle and – for flow from the mesh triangle to the  1D junction.

New LID defaults for EPA SWMM 5.1.008 - from the SWMM 5 code

8 Types of LID'sProcessTypesLong: array[0..7] of String =                                    //(5.1.008)    ('Bio-Retention Cell', 'Rain Garden', 'Green Roof',
     'Infiltration Trench', 'Permeable Pavement',
     'Rain Barrel', 'Rooftop Disconnection', 'Vegetative Swale');              //(5.1.008)
  ProcessTypesMedium: array[0..7] of String =
    ('Bio-Retention', 'Rain Garden', 'Green Roof', 'Infil. Trench',
     'Perm. Pave', 'Rain Barrel', 'Roof Discon.', 'Veg. Swale');               //(5.1.008)
  ProcessTypesShort: array[0..7] of String =                                   //(5.1.008)
    ('BC', 'RG', 'GR', 'IT', 'PP', 'RB', 'RD', 'VS');                          //(5.1.008)6 Types of LID layers  LayerTypes: array[0..5] of String =
    ('Surface', 'Pavement', 'Soil', '…

학생 실습 경험을주는 목표로 업계 최고의 InfoWater과 InfoSWMM 무료 학생 에디션, 더 나은 업계 준비 인력을 준비하고 미래를 형성

학생 실습 경험을주는 목표로 업계 최고의 InfoWater과 InfoSWMM 무료 학생 에디션, 더 나은 업계 준비 인력을 준비하고 미래를 형성 Innovyze 호텔은 무료 수상 대학 전 세계에 GIS 중심의 물 모델링 소프트웨어학생 실습 경험을주는 목표로 업계 최고의 InfoWater과 InfoSWMM 무료 학생 에디션, 더 나은 업계 준비 인력을 준비하고 미래를 형성브룸 필드, 콜로라도, 미국, 2015년 8월 4일지속적으로 수자원 공학 교육의 기준을 높이고 학습의 세계를 확대 약속을 이행, Innovyze, 비즈니스 분석 소프트웨어 및 스마트 젖은 인프라 기술의 선도적 인 글로벌 혁신는 오늘 업계 최고의 GIS 중심의 물을 발표했다 전 세계 고등 교육 기관에서 학생 및 교수에 폐수 모델링 소프트웨어 무료. 모두의이 특별한 학생 판  InfoWater 및  InfoSWMM 육십 링크에 한한다는, 자신의 교실과 실험실에서 고급, 고성능 물 모델링 소프트웨어를 사용하는 간단하고 유연한 방법으로 전 세계적으로 대학을 제공하도록 설계되었습니다. 그것은 학생들이 배우고 그들을 고용 시장에서 눈에 띄는 데 도움이됩니다 중요한 설계, 계획, 운영의 기술과 지속 가능한 물 분배 및 폐수 / 우수 수집 시스템의 관리를 개발하는 데 도움이됩니다. Innovyze는 토목 공학의 학생들이 학업과 전문 엔지니어링 경력을 위해 준비 할 필요가 있음을 잘 알고 있습니다. 학생과 전문가, 실무 경험을 대신 할 존재하지 않는다. 이 알고, 점점 더 많은 대학은 학생들이 교실마다 그들은 그것을 필요로 어디에서 사용되는 최신 상태 및 실제적인 도구에 액세스 할 수 있도록한다. Innovyze 기술을 주위에 자신의 학부 및 대학원 과정을 맞춤으로써, 공학 교수진은 자신의 학생들이 교실에서뿐만 아니라 succeed- 할 필요가 스마트 수자원 모델링 기술의 강력한 도구 및 최신 기술에 직접 액세스 할 수 있도록하고 있습니다 보장 할 수 있지만, 궁극적으로 전문 엔지니어있다. "Inno…


業內主導InfoWater和InfoSWMM目的是讓學生親身體驗免費的學生版,更好的準備業就緒勞動力和塑造未來 Innovyze攻略獲獎地理信息系統為中心的水資源建模軟件來世界各地的大學業內主導InfoWater和InfoSWMM目的是讓學生親身體驗免費的學生版,更好的準備業就緒勞動力和塑造未來布魯姆菲爾德,美國科羅拉多州,2015年8月4日 履行的不斷提高酒吧在水資源工程教育和擴大學習世界的承諾,Innovyze,業務分析軟件和技術的智能濕基礎設施的全球領先的創新者,今天宣布其業界領先的地理信息系統為中心的水供應和廢水建模軟件免費向學生和教授在世界各地的高等教育機構。兩者的這種特殊的學生版  InfoWater  和  InfoSWMM,僅限六十環節,旨在向全世界向高校提供了一個簡單,靈活的方式來使用先進的,高性能的水建模軟件,在他們的教室和實驗室。這將幫助學生學習和發展,在設計,規劃,運行重要的技能和可持續配水和廢水/雨水收集系統的管理,這將幫助他們脫穎而出的就業市場。 Innovyze了解到,土木工程的學生必須是學術和專業的工程職業生涯做好準備。對於學生和專業人士的一致好評,也不能代替實踐經驗。知道了這一點,越來越多的大學在幫助學生獲得在課堂上無論何時何地需要他們使用的先進設備,最先進和實用工具。通過調整各地Innovyze技術的本科和研究生課程,工程學院的成員可以放心,他們正在幫助他們的學生可以直接進入功能強大的工具和最先進的智能水資源建模技術,他們需要在課堂上不僅succeed-,但最終為專業工程師。 “Innovyze  InfoWater  和  InfoSWMM  軟件已經成為許多世界上最大的水和污水處理企業和頂級工程公司標準,”斯科特·約斯特博士,PE,土木工程在肯塔基大學的副教授說。“我可以看到這個軟件正在使用的最好的工科學校。該  學生分析和設計工作簿  也是極好的。有培訓和教育在這一關鍵技術是在驗證我們的學生的專業知識,未來的雇主,以及為他們準備一個有價值的職業生涯的一個重要的資產。“ 內置之上的ArcGIS(ESRI的,雷德蘭茲 ,CA),InfoWater的創新網絡的建模技術解決公用基礎設施的管理和保護的各個方面-提供的回報在同行業中的最高速度。該軟件直接無縫強大的ArcGIS環境內集成了精密的 ​​預測分析,系統動力學和優化功能。從火流…