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Innovyze Announces Worldwide Support for EPANET and SWMM

Innovyze Announces Worldwide Support for EPANET and SWMMGroundbreaking Initiative Facilitates Technology Transfer of Sustainable Water Infrastructure Models Between Global CommunitiesBroomfield, Colorado, USA, March 31, 2015Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, today announced worldwide support for USEPA’s flagship EPANET and SWMM public domain software. By offering its technical expertise to the EPANETand SWMM communities, Innovyze is ensuring ongoing maintenance of these free software models of sustainable stormwater, wastewater, and water supply systems.

Sustainable water infrastructure models are used throughout the world for the planning, analysis, design, and research of stormwater, wastewater, and drinking water distribution management. SWMM can model the generation and transport of runoff and sanitary flows as well as estimate the production of pollutant loads associated with this runoff in storm, sani…

SWMM 5 St Venant Solution - 3 Depths, 4 Cross Sectional Areas in a Link but one Mid Point Flow

InfoSWMM 2D Infiltration Surfaces for Horton, Fixed and Constant 2D Mesh

New Import of Tags from SWMM 5 to InfoSWMM and H2OMap SWMM

20 Interesting Features of Innovyze H2OMap Sewer

Twenty interesting facts about H2OMap Sewer and an inverse color Map of the H2OMap Sewer Interface (Figure 1).  H2OMAP Sewer Sewer is a stand-alone GIS based program for use in the planning, design, analysis, and expansion of sanitary, storm and combined sewer collection systems. It is very good program if you like steady state analysis with peaking factors for manhole loading.

GIS Gateway, Import and Export of CSV and Shapefiles Run Manager Sewer Map based on MapInfo Steady State Simulation Bird’s Eye View Design Simulation Contouring and Annotation, Map Display of Input and Output Variables EPS Simulation Ten or More Unpeakable or Peakable Loads per Manhole Input Data in the Attribute Browser Point and Peaking Factor Loads for Steady State Output Parameters in the Attribute Browser Two Pass Solution with Adjusted Depth and Adjusted Velocity on the 2nd  Pass Advanced Force Main Iterative Solution for complex Hazen Williams Force Main  Modeling, Optional Stormwater and RTK modeling DB Tables with …

What are typical Reynolds Numbers in SWMM5 or InfoSWMM

The Reynolds Number is not shown in SWMM 5 of  InfoSWMM but can easily be added to the SWMM 5 code as shown in Figure 3.  The equation for the Reynolds Number isNormally, as shown is Figure 1 the Reynolds number is is very high and is indicative of very turbulent flow based on typical flows, velocities and pipe diameters/hydraulic radius's in SWMM 5 (Figure 2).

New GIS Gateway Features in InfoSewer and InfoSWMM

New GIS Gateway Features:
1. New comparison function to compare data of InfoSWMM or InfoSewer and GIS. 2. New logging function to allow users to track the data changes. 3. Allows users to save updated data to the selection sets 4. Allows users to save changed data to the selection sets 5. Map of Changed Features
Image Features:

1. Create a Shapefile with Base GIS information or use GIS files directly
2. Compare Button to compare the current InfoSWMM or InfoSewer data to the GIS Layer
3. A log file is made with changed features
4. A selection set is made of Updated Facilities
5. A selection set is made of New Facilities
6. Clear Map to Clear the Changed Facilities Ma

An Implicit-Explicit (IMEX) Picard Scheme and Adaptive Time Stepping Algorithm Applied to the Hydraulic Calculations in SWMM 5


SWMM5 and EPANET Import and Export into Innovyze Products InfoSWMM, H2OMap SWMM., InfoWater, H2OMap Water, InfoMaster, InfoSewer

We are proud that @Innovyze is a winner of @Esri #EsriEPC Award announced here by Jack Dangermond in 2015

Jack Dangermond kicking off #esriepc plenary session
— Rajan Ray (@InnovyzeRaj) March 8, 2015
Congratulations to all of the 2015 EPC Award Winners! We are honored and thankful to @Esri for the award.
— GISi(@gisincorporated) March 8, 2015
Grateful for @Esri's recognition and honored to represent @Innovyze in accepting the #EsriEPC Partner Award from Jack
— RajanRay (@InnovyzeRaj) March 8, 2015

A collage of LID Types in InfoSWMM and InfoSWMM Sustain along with the Process Layers

A collage of LID Types in InfoSWMM and InfoSWMM Sustain along with the Process Layers
— Robert E Dickinson (@RDickinson) March 6, 2015 SWMM5 or SWMM 5 or InfoSWMM LID GIF of all LID GI Controls for @Boonsri @Innnovyze
— Robert E Dickinson (@RDickinson) March 7, 2015

Comprehensive Sewer Collection Systems Analysis Slide Show

An experimental GIF without any Slide Controls

Innovyze Releases InfoSWMM Sustain for Comprehensive Urban Stormwater Treatment and Analysis

Press Room | Products | News | Events | The Company Innovyze Releases InfoSWMM Sustain for Comprehensive Urban Stormwater Treatment and Analysis New Software Lets Stormwater Management Professionals Determine Optimal BMP Combinations at Various Watershed Scales Based on Cost and Effectiveness Broomfield, Colorado, USA, March 3, 2015

Hybrid Learning at Innovyze

Hybrid Learning at Innovyze 1. Help Files with links to Blogs, Forums and Videos 2. Support Emails/Calls with Support linking to Blogs and Videos 3. Blogs, Innovyze and Other Blogs 4. Forums for all of our products including SWMM5 and EPANET 5. Twitter/LinkedIn 6. YouTube and Vimeo in Help Files and as Youtube and Vimeo Online Videos