Transects in InfoSWMM and SWMM5

Transects in #InfoSWMM and #SWMM5
  • There is only one transect per link and the shape stays the same from the  upstream to the downstream node
  • The links are irregular channels with the name of the imported HEC-RAS transect defining the shape of the transect (Bullet 1)
  • The transects are converted from the station/elevation pairs to normalized depth and width tables (Bullet 2)
  • The inverts used for the links are independent of the station/elevation pairs, if the offset is zero then the  invert of the link equals the invert of the upstream or downstream node (Bullet 3)
  • The normalized tables are shown in the text report file (Bullet 4)
  • If the node depth or rim elevation is lower than the depth of the transect the depth is increased internally in the engine (Bullet 5)
  • If you only have one transect for the culvert you can assign the same transect name to both the upstream and downstream irregular links
    Transect Information


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