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SWMM5 Table by Object Shows a Tabular view of the Important Results Varables

You can see many important SWMM 5 object result variables if you use the Table by Object Output Tool.  An example would be if you want to see the results of the groundwater, infiltration and surface runoff versus the rainfall over time in one view.  It is also easy to copy and paste to Excel if you need to collect the results.

          2Rainfall        Total Losses    Runoff          GW Flow         GW Elev.        Evap            Depth           Days      Hours     (mm/hr)         (mm/hr)         (LPS)           (LPS)           (m)             (mm/hr)         (mm)            00:05:0000043.939.990000:10:00000

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A Top Ten List of Advantages of InfoSWMM over SWMM 5 (IMO)

Introduction:  I have been working on the various versions of SWMM since 1980 when I was a co-author and co-developer of SWMM3, a co-author and co-developer of SWMM4 in 1988 and a co-developer of SWMM 5 from 2002/2006.   I have worked at Innovyze as a Product Sector Leader since 2008 and have grown to love the power and ability of InfoSWMM and all Innovyze software such as InfoWater, ICM, H2OMap SWMM and InfoSewer.  This blog post explains based on my experience why  InfoSWMM makes you a better modeler or modeller for the SWMM 5 engine rather than just directly using the SWMM 5 engine and GUI available from the USEPA.  I am still an almost daily user of SWMM 5 so I have a constant comparison between the ability of the InfoSWMM Modeling Platform over the SWMM 5 GUI. 

First a  brief Introduction to InfoSWMM or a reminder of the history of InfoSWMM: InfoSWMM for ArcGIS (Esri, Redlands, CA). InfoSWMM  enables engineers to work more efficiently and reliably with very large and complex netwo…