Saturday, February 22, 2014

How to Make an InfoSewer or H2OMap Sewer Model from SWMM5

Innovyze has a broad range of programs which you can see on but each of our programs has many ways to import and export model data between programs.  All of our products have CSV and shapefile import and export.  One way to use a SWMM 5 model in H2OMap Sewer or InfoSewer is to import CSV files from H2OMap SWMM or CSV file constructed using SWMM 5.  In H2OMap Sewer you can import:
1. Manhole
2. Pipe
3. Outfall
4. Pump
5. Wet Wells
6. The DWF values can  copied to the Other Loading DB Table
7. DWF Patterns can be copied and pasted into the Pattern Tables in H2OMap Sewer and InfoSewer

H20Map Sewer GUI and Import Manager

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