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Arc Map If Statements for Showing Flooding in InfoSWMM

Arc Map If Statements for Showing Flooding in InfoSWMM

You can use a combination of the Map Display in InfoSWMM and the Arc Map Label Properties to show the Maximum Ponded Volume at a node during amInfoSWMM simulation. 

The label function in VBSCRIPT to show just non zero flooded volumes(Figure 1) is:

Function FindLabel ( [PONDED_VOL] )
  FindLabel = "" & FormatNumber([PONDED_VOL],2) & ""
End Function

and the values of Flooded Time,  Maximum Flooded Rate and Maximum Ponded Volume can be found in the Junction Attribute Table(Figure 2)  but not the Junction Summary Table of the InfoSWMM output report manager tables. 

A VBSCRIPT function to show both ponded volume and flooded rate (Figure 3) is:

Function FindLabel ( [PONDED_VOL], [FLOOD_RATE]  )
  FindLabel = "" & FormatNumber([PONDED_VOL],2) & " / "   & FormatNumber([FLOOD_RATE],1)
End Function 

Figure 1.  InfoSWMM Map Display of Ponded Volume which is the integral of node flooding over the flooded time.

Figure 2.   If you use the Map Display feature in InfoSWMM then the total flooded time, flood rate and maximum ponded volume will be shown in the Junction Attribute Table.

Figure 3.  Labels showing both Maximum Flooded Volume and Maximum Flooded Time on the InfoSWMM Map Display

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