Link Area Types in SWMM 5, InfoSWMM and H2OMap SWMM

Note:  There are 7 Link flow classification classes that are used to assign the area of the link to the upstream and downstream nodes of the link.  The classes used during the simulation of the model are shown in the Link Classification Table in the RPT Report File.  The supercritical class is the same as the subcritical assignment.  The supercritical is a class of subcritical with a Froude number over 1.

Link Area Assignment
      0      Dry conduit
1/2 Upstream and 1/2 Downstream Node
      1      Upstream end is dry
1/2 Downstream Node
      2      Downstream end is dry
1/2 Upstream Node
      3      Sub-critical flow
1/2 Upstream and 1/2 Downstream Node
      4      Super-critical flow
1/2 Upstream and 1/2 Downstream Node
      5      Free-fall at upstream end
1/2 Downstream Node
      6      Free-fall at downstream end
1/2 Upstream Node


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