How to Make an Internal Outfall into an External Outfall when you have more than one link connected to an Outfall in SWMM5

Subject:  How to Make an Internal Outfall into an External Outfall when you have more than one link connected to an Outfall

Step 1:  Identify the Problem "ERROR 141: Outfall J-561 has more than 1 inlet link or an outlet link." Means you have an outfall node in the middle of your model.

Step 2:  Make a new outfall.

Step 3:  Make the new Outfall  have the same invert as the old outfall 

Step 4:  Convert the older outfall  to a Junction using the Pick Axe and the Convert Type tool

Step 5:  Make a new Link connecting the old and the new Outfall

Step 6:  Convert the new Link to an  Outlet Type using the Convert Type Tool.

Step 7:  Set up the parameters for the new Outlet Link

Step 8:  For those outfalls that DO have more than one link you need to make a new Outfall.

You should be able to run the model now


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