Sunday, June 19, 2011

InfoSewer and InfoSWMM Nodes

Subject:  InfoSewer and InfoSWMM Nodes

InfoSewer and InfoSWMM are link/node networks but the nodes are of different types in both models.  InfoSewer has a distinction between loading manholes or junctions and chamber junctions that start or separate Force Main links.  InfoSewer nodes are types 1 through 4 and InfoSWMM nodes are types 5 through 8 in this image.

InfoSWMM has more generic node types than in InfoSewer so a junction can be both a Loading and Chamber Manhole if you are more familar to the InfoSewer names.

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InfoSWMM Version Numbers and the version of Arc Map they use and which EPA SWMM5 Engine is used for Each InfoSWMM Version

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