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InfoSWMM Solution Options in Windows 7

Note:  InfoSWMM Solution Options in Windows 7
1.32 bit or 64 bit solution engine based on SWMM 5.0.022 selected using the Tools/Preferences/Operation Settings command
2.Number of dynamic solution threads for parallel processing selected using the Run Manager,
3.Single or batch runs selected using the Run Manager, and
4.DLL or the Simulation Task Manager using the Tools/Preferences/Operation Settings command.

You have control over the type of engine, the number of threads, the number of runs and whether the run is started right now or scheduled to run later or in batch mode (Figure 1).

InfoSWMM 11 (for ArcGIS 9, 10) and H20MAP SWMM v10 Updated for the new SWMM 5.0.022 Engine

EPA SWMM 5 Build 5.0.022 (04/21/11)
Engine Updates
1. The following fixes and updates were made to the LID module of the code (lid.c):
a. The Drain Delay time for a Rain Barrel LID is now correctly converted internally from hours to seconds.
b. The meaning of the Conductivity property of an LID's Storage layer has been changed. It is now defined as the saturated hydraulic conductivity of the native soil below the layer instead of the conductivity of the layer
c. Storage layers are now optional for Bio-Retention Cells and Permeable Pavement LIDs by allowing the layer height to be zero. One should still enter a non-zero conductivity for the layer if infiltration into native soil is allowed.
d. If the top width of the overland flow surface for an LID is zero then any excess water above the surface storage depth simply spills out instantaneously.
e. The calculation of i…