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Q full vs Q dynamic vs Q normal in SWMM5

Introduction – the reason for these series of blogs are as an expanded view of the input, engine and output of #SWMM5 It is a companion to the EPA Documentation which I describe here:

I have noticed based on email questions and postings to the SWMM List Sever (a great resource hosted by CHI, Inc.) that many SWMM 5 users do not know about the really outstanding documentation on SWMM 5 posted on the EPA Website It consists of two now and in the near future three volumes on Hydrology, Water Quality, LID’s and SuDS and Hydraulics. The documentation is fantastically complete with detailed background on the theory, process parameters and completely worked out examples for all of the processes in SWMM5. It is truly an outstanding aid to modelers and modellers worldwide. It would benefit you to read them (if you have not already downloaded the PDF files)
1. It gets more flow than qFull because the water in the pipe has more th…

Future Rainfall

Published: April 2009 Outlook: Extreme As the planet warms, look for more floods where it’s already wet and deeper drought where water is scarce. By Elizabth Kolbert The world's first empire, known as Akkad, was founded some 4,300 years ago, between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers. The empire was ruled from a city—also known as Akkad—that is believed to have lain just south of modern-day Baghdad, and its influence extended north into what is now Syria, west into Anatolia, and east into Iran. The Akkadians were well organized and well armed and, as a result, also wealthy: Texts from the time testify to the riches, from rare woods to precious metals, that poured into the capital from faraway lands.Then, about a century after it was founded, the Akkad empire suddenly collapsed. During one three-year period four men in succession briefly claimed to be emperor. "Who was king? Who was not king?" a register known as the Sumerian King List asks.For many years, scholars blamed th…

Additional SWMM 3,4 Converter Information

Step 1: Open up or run the converter Step 2: Define your text editor if you want to use the Edit Button Step 3: Define the programs ini file if you want to use it multiple times Step 4: Click on Select to convert either a Runoff, Runoff and Transport or Runoff and Extran Step 5: Click on Convert to convert the two selected files Step 6: File Converted Message will tell you that the file9s) were converted correctly. Step 7: Please make sure to check the log file to confirm that everything was converted successfully.