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International Conference on Stormwater and Urban Water Systems Modeling

International Conference on Stormwater Urban Water Systems Modeling
Thursday and Friday February 19-20, 2009

SWMM 5 Complexity Index

SWMM 5 Complexity IndexThe complexity index for SWMM 5 compares a model to the first Extran example in Extran 3, which would be network #1 in this expanded SWMM 5 network. The baseline network has 22 objects and an 8 hour simulation duration. It took 5 minutes to run this network on a IBM AT in 1988.  The purpose of the complexity index is to supply a means of comparison for a present day model.   The complexity equation compares the number of objects in the new model to the number of objects in the baseline model and also factors in any increase in simulation duration.

The complexity index adds up the of raingages, subcatchments, junctions, outfalls, dividers, storages, conduits, pumps, orifices, weirs, outlets, control curves, diversion curves, pump curves, rating curves, shape curves, storage curves, tidal curves, time series, patterns, transects, hydrographs, aquifers, controls, climate objects and snowpacks objects. The complexity index is then multiplied by the number of pollutan…