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Update History of SWMM 5

SWMM 5.0 Update History
--------Build 5.0.010 (6/19/07)-----------------------
Engine Updates:
1. All "float" variables were re-declared as "doubles" (except for those variables written to binary interface files) and the engine was re-compiled using the Microsoft VC++ 2005 compiler.
2. A new NO ROUTING option was added which allows a run to ignore any flow routing and only compute runoff (see swmm5.c, keywords.c, stats.c, and enums.h).
3. A new type of pump, an Ideal Pump, was added which pumps at a rate equal to the inflow to its inlet node and does not use a pump curve (see enums.h, link.c, and flowrout.c).
4. A new type of conduit shape, a Custom Shape, was added which allows users to define their own cross-sectional geometry for closed conduits. To implement this feature, a new type of curve, a Shape Curve, was added which records how the width of the cross-section varies with height. (See keywords.c, link.c, project.c, report.c, shape.c, xsect…